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A Really Sane Privacy Policy [07 Jul 2018|12:04pm]
Sanity doesn't collect or store your information. Why? Because there's just no function in the extension that needs to! I'll absolutely let you know if that ever changes for any reason, and why. Spoiler alert: It's never going to be for any shady reasons—Hooray!

There may be features in the future that need to store info for you, but none of it will be collected or stored anywhere but locally (ie. on your own computer) unless it has to be for a new feature to work properly, and it will always be entirely up to you what information you choose to put in if that ever happens.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy surfing IJ in style. Sanity's not here to pick through your info.

*This privacy policy pertains only to the Sanity extension and not as a whole. You can find Insanejournal's privacy policy here.

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