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Features [13 Feb 2018|10:39am]
Sanity packs a big punch, and it can be easy to miss some of the features you'll get when using Sanity to update your Insanejournal experience at first! What are you getting with Sanity, both now and in future versions of this project, and what things are just beyond an extension's capabilities? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about just what it is Sanity does!

Current Features

  • Completely overhauled site design, including total replacement of old UI icons, disabling of broken features, and streamlined navigation.
  • Supports both Monodramatic (Dropdown) and Monodramatic (Sidebar), so that you won't have to give up your preferred page layout to use Sanity!
  • In-depth retooling of the My IJ page so that it can easily be used (a very cool site feature, but previously very hard to use!)
  • Live character counter added to entry and comment forms so that you'll always know when you're getting close to the maximum!
  • Intuitive updates to Complete Style layout customization page to make editing, creating, and customizing your layouts easier. (This function helps with all S2 layout types, but was created specifically with S2 Complete Style in mind.)
  • 'Select All' option added to Userpic Editing and Edit Friends; 'Select All' function added to mass comment actions.
  • Private Messaging list reordered to display most recent to least recent; 'back to inbox' link added when viewing a message.
  • Private message character limit raised from 1,000 (ouch!) to 8,600; live character counter added to this form as well. Please note that while non-Sanity users will be able to view your longer messages in full with no issues, if the message hits IJ's real character limit they'll have to delete the contents before replying (not much of a change from default IJ PMs though, really.)
  • Site-wide removal of insances of ?style=mine appendages in entry URLs for more consistent viewing.
  • Links to broken site functions removed from the main site navigation.
  • Icon randomizer NEW!

Upcoming Features*

  • Rich text editing option for entries and comments
  • Repair 'Select All' function in Notifications (Note: I've tried fixing this a few times now, and nothing I've done repairs the issue; this may be irreparable from my end, but I'm going to give it one last shot.)
  • Live notifications for comments, messages, and tracked content
  • Comment thread expander
  • Multiple login toggler
  • Post scheduler^
  • Comment editing^

*Please note that all intended future updates are tentative (ie. things I hope I can implement but have not looked fully into yet); if something just cannot be done within the extension I will update the list entry for it to reflect the new information.

^These are the functions I don't hold much hope for being feasible with my limited access to the site function, but I'll look into it thoroughly and if it can be done, I will do my very best!

What Sanity does not do

  • Sanity does not collect or store your information (such as passwords, IJ account details, or browsing history); you can see our Privacy Policy for the full rundown!
  • Unfortunately, there are some things that Sanity just can't fix since it's a third-party extension. While I would love to be able to help with things such as the spam problem, there just isn't a way for me to do it.
  • This extension does not disable the site's advertising.

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