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Changelog [12 Feb 2018|10:39am]

06.02.2021 | v. 0.0.7

  • Rewrote bullet list targeting to no longer affect comment content.
  • Updated URLs to repair icon UI replacements.

09.23.2019 | v. 0.0.6

  • Narrowed down targeting on fieldsets so that they will no longer effect entry codes.

06.26.2019 | v. 0.0.5

  • Disused editing fields and tables disabled on the style editing page; more information here.
  • Fixed a comment-specific bug wherein using the <p align="justify"> tag aligns text to the right instead.

06.12.2019 | v. 0.0.4

  • Navigation sidebar for Monodramatic Sidebar is now narrower.
  • Full-size userpics in comments.
  • Refinement of comment header appearance.
  • Minor backend tidying.

06.05.2019 | v. 0.0.3

  • Icon randomizer now works on ?mode=reply pages.
  • This is such a small update lmao but it was really bugging me.

06.04.2019 | v. 0.0.2

  • NEW FEATURE: Icon randomizer; works on both comment forms and entry editing. Does not work on ?mode=reply pages, but I'll be fixing that this week.
  • Added search bar back to header; omitted obsolete and broken options. Sits oddly only on IJ landing page; looking into this now.
  • Repaired accept/decline radio button text in Asylum Invites; previously rendered transparent.
  • Repaired landing page content overflow issue.
  • Added additional styling to screened comments to make them more distinguishable from unscreened comments.
  • Added updated aesthetic overrides for webkit autofill on form elements.
  • Repaired potential occurrence of container overflow due to image widths in the IJ Portal when viewing recent entries and comments.
  • Added missing post icon to edit/remove tracking for a currently tracked post or comment.

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