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Report Bugs [10 Feb 2018|10:51pm]
If you experience any bugs or malfunctions while using Sanity, please let me know here so that I can get them fixed for everyone! Even if it's something small like a UI icon sitting a little oddly, don't hesitate to drop a comment! Just remember to give a link to the specific site page that's being effected (if applicable) and a screencap of the issue to help ensure that I can get the bug fixed as fast as possible. Thank you!

Known Issues

  • Incorrect sub-headers in S2 Custom Options when not editing for S2 Complete Style (this has no effect on function, but it's a little confusing.)
  • 'Select All' function in Notifications appears to be repaired, but doesn't actually interact with the inbox actions; I have moved this to Upcoming Features while I work on it. Something may be wrong with the original action buttons' programming.
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