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FAQ [09 Feb 2018|04:06pm]

What browsers can I use this extension on?

Sanity is available for Chrome is coming to Firefox ASAP!

Is Sanity hard to install/use?

Nope! Since this extension is directly available from your browser's extension shop all you have to do is purchase and allow it to install on your browser if prompted. Sanity will do the rest. 😉 The only setting you'll probably want to change is allowing the extension to work in Incognito on Chrome. To do this you'll want to go to your extensions page, click Details on Sanity, then toggle the switch to allow in Incognito.

I installed the extension but it isn't working!

Make sure your browser is up to date and that the extension is active in your extensions panel (this will be slightly different between Chrome and Firefox.) If these things are all as they should be and the extension still isn't working, you may want to make sure your antivirus isn't blocking it. See more information on troubleshooting in this thread!

Why was Sanity released without all features you plan to put into it? Did you rush the project?

The opposite, actually! There are some features I'd love to put into Sanity, but they're going to take some time and a lot of trial and error, and I want to be sure they're as integrated and consistent as possible before I add them in.

But I also wanted to make sure you guys got a great product sooner rather than later, and I've put hours and hours of work into making the first release of Sanity as great as possible!

Will you be making this extension available for Opera, or other browsers?

Likely not, I'm sorry! If you'd like to use the Sanity Chrome extension on Opera, just follow this guide to do so!

Where can I help fund future projects like this?

You can either become a patron or buy me a coffee!

I have an idea for Sanity! Where do I let you know?

Awesome! You can let me know in the suggestions and if enough people are interested in the feature I'll likely include it in future updates! Make sure to check the Upcoming Features first; your idea might already be slated for addition!

I'm having an issue with Sanity; can you help?

I sure can try! Check out the bugs page and, if you don't see your issue on the list already, please let me know!

Will there ever be a mobile app to tie into Sanity?

...maybe. 😉 (I would absolutely love to, but I do need more experience with apps first, so we'll just have to see what happens!)

If I buy Sanity now will I get future features and updates?

You sure will! When you buy Sanity you will automatically get any updates to the extension! If you have automatic updates turned off for your browser extensions you'll want to check for updates yourself via your extension settings, though.

How often will Sanity be updated?

It depends on necessity! During the first few months to a year there may very well be monthly updates to make sure any potential bugs are fixed and to roll out features we want, but after the initial growing pains updates to the extension will probably slow down.

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