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Community Safety Update [03.27.2020]

[info]jade now has a post at [info]rpresources with information on how you can stay up to date on blocking communication from Mandy/Maric/Ink/etc. across your journals and communities.

I would like to stress that this is not a vindictive move but a safety issue, as the contents of this person's journal are often volatile and contain explicit homophobia, racism, mentions of extremely triggering information, and full names of people in her family.

This person is extremely mentally unwell, and my best suggestion at this point is to just block communication as best you can. While I have a lot of sympathy for the state of this person's mental health, I don't think engaging—or giving them ways to engage with you—is going to help the situation.

Please keep in mind that I am in no way a medical professional and this is just my personal opinion.

If you would like more information before making your decision, you can see a comment thread here. This is a public thread on my journal that anyone can view, and all information and linking of DW content was provided by this person themselves. I am in no way providing (nor am I willing to provide) any information not presented by this person in the linked thread. Please proceed with caution if you are easily effected by triggering content, especially if going to the DW account.

You can also contact [info]jade if needed; they have contact with a relative of this person and they're much more up to date on the situation. Please do not ask for links to anyone's social media accounts.

Credits Display [03.23.2020]


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Check-in [03.23.2020]

Just posting to check on you guys. Everything's more or less okay over here; my mental health is flagging and I'm a higher risk than most people my age so I really can't go to the store or anything, but my husband was able to start working remotely, so we're really glad for that. 💖

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